Historically all Rallies were Road Rallies, but as events started to include "Special Stages", Stage rallying was born and came into it own right. Road Rallies are no longer allowed any special stages, so are now based much more on navigation. Road Rallies form the grass roots level of rallying, they are one of the cheapest forms of motorsport as little or no preparation to the car is required.


Road Rallies are run on rural roads at night, timed to an average of no more than 30 miles an hour, the job of the crew is to navigate their way around the route visiting the controls in the correct order, some of these controls have to be visited at a certain time, if you are late you will have l

ost time which cannot be made up, the winner is the crew to lose the least amount of time and visit all of the controls. Road Rallying uses the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 "Landranger" maps and mainly 6 figure map references, some rallies also use other forms of navigation including herring bones and spot heights. Most of the Road Rallies held in the West Midlands and Wales are pre-plot events, so the route is given to the crew in the form of map references and they have an alloted time to plot the route before leaving. Road Rallying is a good way to start in Motorsport as Novice rallys are usually suitable to be entered in a standard car with little preparation other some basic safety requirements.


The larger events will require some modification for the more enthusiastic driver as they will probably contain "Whites" (roads marked in white on the landranger maps that are normally unsurfaced)

Whitchurch Motor Club members Compete, Marshall and spectate on Road Rallies, if you would like to get involved, come along to a meeting and let us know you are interested, we regularly organise training events so members can learn and hone skills.