Whitchurch Motor Club members will be out in force on the Agbo Stages Rally, with 18 members on the entry list for the rally at Weston Park on Sunday 18th March.

Car 6 Chris Ransley/ Darren Ikin
Car17 Ian Woodward/ Rich Pover
Car19 Richy Williams/ Will Atkins
Car21 Martin Williams/ Andrew Davies
Car23 Rich Poole/ Kevin Williams
Car35 Andy Evans/ Neville Boulds
Car39 Andy Woodward/ Dave Niven
Car47 Ryan Wainwright/
Car49                       / Jim Clarke
Car61 Ralph Fernihough/ Tim Machin

This year the rally is being held over 2 days with the Historic stages being held on the Saturday.

Whitchurch Motor Club have dominated the Heart of England Rally Championship, with WMC member Chris Ransley winning the championship and WMC member Richard Poole finishing 3rd overall. Overall Results

On 1st April WMC Member Chris Ransley won Cheltenham MC's Get Sideways Stages Rally and then on the 2nd April Dave Willets won the Forresters Car Club Tour of Caerwent.

Chris Ransley Chris & Sharpe-Simkiss
hris Ransley & Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

Photo by Kind permission of EDP Photo News

Dave Willett & John Davies
ave Willett & John Davies

Photo by Kind permission of EDP Photo News

Dave said "After our retirement from last yrs patriot stages at caerwent on the 1st stage , we were keen to have another go , but as the venue  hadn't been used since last Sept we knew the venue would be green and slippy so tyre choice / suspension was going to be tricky , and  with being car 2 on the road. There was a good entry , with WRC cars and other powerful Mk2 escorts in very capable hands, there was going to be a good battle . 

The first couple of stages vas very slippy , then as the sun came out and it started drying up the pace got faster , but we started having brake overheating problems a few mile from the end of the stages.
But on the last stage ( stg 6 ) 2 mile from the end, a puncture on the rear causing the tyre to fall off , so we ended up finishing the rally on 3 tyres ,dropping 27 secs to Bob Fowden  (WRC subaru ) , but luckily enough we had built up a good enough lead to still win the rally by 21 seconds"


Once again WMC Club member Dave Willett has beaten off WRC machinery in his self built Mk2 Escort to Win the Marshall & Hicks Print Ltd 2017 Tour of Caerwent

A good day for WMC members at the Agbo stages held at Weston Park on the 19th March,

Chris and Darren, testing the limits!

Chris Ransley and Darren Ikin topped the list of WMC members with 6th overall and 3rd in class,
Richard Poole and Kev Williams were 10th overall and 5th in class,
Richy Williams and Will Atkins were 13 overall and 7th in class and what a result as it was their first time out on a stage rally and were seeded 64th
and Andy Evans and Neville Boulds were 18th overall and 2nd in class after pedalling their 1.6 Peugeot up from a 48th seeding